dzeko and torres


They crammed 62 songs in 10 min. They are right in the ranks of the great Aviciii, Lazy Rich, Umek and Aleeso. Their names are Dzeko and Torres, a power duo that have changed the edm scene. Luis and Julian are their real names but that’s besides the point. It seems like they are brothers, or even childhood friends. However, over 10 years ago they didn’t even know who each other were! The two met on an online forum! Out of all places. Another example of how the internet is such a great place. Because of this fusion, they are able to over such a great diversity of music. They over a unique package as Torres worked as a photographer and graphic designer and Dzeko worked as a event promoter. One was a skilled piano player and one was skilled with production. This combination is lethal. It has made up their style of a combination of progressive house and electronic. About their style, Torres has said, “What we play and produce is a combination of Big Room electro and progressive house. But apart from what we play and produce, we love tech, deep house, indie rock, and everything in between.”

Now what is it like to see this dynamic duo live in person. Certainly you chould watch some videos of their performances at places like Tomorrowland on at I am also sure many of you have seen the many edm concerts that appear on our snapchat story feed’s. The fomo from watching these videos is unreal. Each video is painful to watch as I know I am missing out on so much fun. Dzeko and Torres have performed at many of these shows that include The BPM Festival, Ultra Music Festival, Winter Music Festival, Electric Zoo Festival, Coachella, and Tomorrowland. They have the experience that many of us wish we had and make it for others to enjoy. Now imagine this experience being brought right to your doorstep. That’s right Boston. Dzeko and Torres are coming to Royale this Friday, July 31st .

Their music is one of a kind and is backed by the industry’s top DJ/producer in Tiesto. They are even signed onto his management team. Even though they idolize Tiesto, they are their very own show. This includes excellent production that will leave you mesmerized. The music speaks for itself as they have made a huge presence on soundcloud. Check them out at Also don’t forget to check them out on facebook at, on twitter at They even have their own website When a website is named after you, that’s when you know you made it in life. They are on a mission to show the world their passion for music and you do not want to miss this awesome opportunity.

-Harshit Harpaldas

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