Carnage and the Chipotle Gang Takeover Royale!


Last week my friends and I got ready and headed out to Royale. When we got there everyone seemed really excited and ready to party with such a great vibe and the line moved quick! Once we got inside we dropped our coats off with the coat checkers. Pro Tip: Bring at least $5 cash, $3 for coat check and a tip for the checkers! The two openers were pretty awesome. Kayzo and Voltran got the crowd prepped and ready to go for Carnage. One thing I really liked about them was that their styles were pretty different. We got a mix of dance EDM and even a little dubstep. Around midnight, the lights went down and Carnage took the stage.


The crowd went CRAZY. Another Pro Tipget in the middle of the stage about one row back and you can hear, feel, and see EVERYTHING. This is where my friends and I stayed for the concert. Carnage played a mix of trap music, dubstep, and your typical EDM. My favorite part of the show was when he played “I like Tuh” the crowd and my friends all started to  sing along. I feel like this was the song the crowd was looking forward to the most. Another thing about the Carnage show I liked was how from beginning to end he kept everyone raging and really into the music. The vibe never seemed to go away, well until it was time to go. If you missed the show check out this clip from YouTube:


Make sure to check out EDX and the #NOXcuses gang this Friday at Royale!

by: Nevin Spearman