Cruisin’ With Kryder

It’s always a treat when an artist from across the pond like Kryder decides to make an appearance in America, even if the British DJ only so much as docks in Boston.¬†Influenced by “bad reputations and hangovers,” party animal Kryder takes over Boston’s boat cruises this Saturday from 6pm to 10pm aboard the Provincetown II.


Get lost in the glistening lights of Boston Harbor while listening to Kryder’s new tracks like the mystique-filled “Fiji” and his old-school techno releases, like his dazzling mix “Aphrodite.” And make sure to keep an ear out for “Apache,” one of Kryder’s forthcoming releases that’s not due to be released until next month. A preview of the song, which is a collaboration between Kryder and Dave Winnel, was posted just yesterday, and maybe if Boston’s lucky, Kryder will play the new track in full.

¬†Kryder’s show in Boston is one of his few American tour dates this summer, and his only show in New England, so make sure to cruise with Kryder this Saturday, August 22.