Cut Snake Rips Up Boston This Saturday

With the mantra of “zero fucks given,” Cut Snake‘s set at Prime Boston this Saturday is the ideal way to shake of the sweat and stress of the week. The Australian duo hits up Boston on July 11, bringing with them jumpy tunes like the animalistic track “Jungle Shrimp” and the topsy-turvy hypnotic new singleĀ “Maybe Why Not.”

cut snake feature

The DJ duo, Paul “Fish” Fisher and Leigh “Sedz” Sedley, grew up together down under, and have been friends since childhood. While touring the world for surfing competitions, the two delved into the world of dance music and took inspiration from the underground scenes of the various cities they visited. In between competitions, the two began spinning their own beats, and quickly became EDM production masters. Since 2013, the group has been crafting fresh beats, whether it be their own singles, or new remixes of EDM favorites.

Get lost in the group’s ethereal labyrinth of tunes this Saturday, and let the Sedz and Fish teach you how to “take a break from your day job and have a fucking beer…or seven.”