June 26th, 2015

    DJ Sander van Doorn Records present

Sander Ketelaars, better known as Sander van Doorn, is a dutch EDM DJ and music producer. He was born in the Netherlands in 1979. Van Doorn entered the music scene in 1995 when he was just 16 years old. Sander found one of his brother’s musical gadgets, and started playing around with it. After realizing how much he loved the creativity that went into music, he started looking into other music outlets. He started borrowing his brother’s Groovebox and his nephew’s vinyls to play. Sander is a producer, and DJ’s to expose his work. Sander has played thousands shows around the world, and released multiple solo records and singles. Sander has two full length albums, and multiple EPs. He also remixes many of other popular artists’ music. Sander loves to play festivals where he can display his talent to thousands.
Sander released his first full length album in March of 2008 under the record label, Spinnin’ Records. The album, titled Supernaturalistic, is a thirteen song album that contains a collaboration with MC Pryme, and a remix of Sia’s “The Girl You Lost to Cocain.” Later that year, Sander won the award for “Best Breakthrough DJ” in the International Dance Music Awards beating out Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, and more. His track, “Riff,” was nominated for the best underground track award, but did not win.
In 2010, Sander hosted a residency at a famous nightclub in Spain. He played the nightclub every Tuesday night for the entire summer. After playing in Spain, Sander headlined multiple music festivals across the world, including ElectricZoo, and Beyond Wonderland. While Sander did not release true albums, he released mixtapes that he titled Sander van Doorn Identity Essential Part (x). Sander released over 20 of these mixtapes, that contained his work from each year/month. However, in 2011 he released his second full length album titled Eleve11. The album contained multiple collaborations including Purple Haze, Fredrick, and Adrian Lux. In 2012, Sander headlined the Ultra Music Festival in Miami Florida, where he introduced his newest single “Nothing Inside” featuring Mayaeni. The song instantly went to number one on the Beatport charts. For the past year, Sander has been playing at multiple music festivals including Spring Awakening where he headlined with Tiesto, Afrojack, and Hardwell. On May 4, Sander released his newest single/mix, “Ori Tali Ma.”
Doorn also started his own music label titled Doorn Records, and a weekly radio show named Identity. On June 20, Sander is embarking on his own headlining tour, playing venues across North America. The tour is kicking off in Las Vegas, and then heads straight to Quebec. Sander Van Doorn will be playing the Royale Night Club in Boston, MA on Friday, June 26. Sander will be hosting Sofa King Friday at the night club and the show kicks off at 10 PM. VIP Tables are available for booking. In addition to reserving a VIP Table, you can be added to the gestalts for a reduced admission price. The event is 21+, and the dress code includes: NO shorts, hats, oversized baggy jeans, hoodies, boots, and athletic wear. For more information and tickets head to bostonedm.com. — Stephanie Schalago