DVBBS: Sofa King Tsunami

Five days of 9-5 gets repetitive and exhausting— the only cure is Sofa King Friday. This week DVBBS were the DJs playing and without hesitation I made sure I was there. This concert unfortunately was on one of the coldest nights of the week (post snowpocalypse) so my friends and I made sure to arrive in line right around 10 PM to avoid waiting in the cold.

Pro Tip: anytime there is a DJ playing that is super popular or pretty well known by more than just the EDM crowd make sure to arrive early! Luckily my friends and I made it there early and the bouncers were getting people in really fast. Thanks bouncers! 

Once inside I found out the opener was one of my favorite DJs from the area, Bamboora. He’s pretty sick and played a great mix of progressive house and even a bit  of bass every now and then. He got the crowd pretty pumped. The pre-show set he did was amazing. If you haven’t heard or seen him before, below is his Soundcloud. It’s not the same as his set, but it’s a great taste of what to expect before seeing him live. 


Another pro tip, use the pre show time to grab glow sticks if you want one! After Bamboora got the crowd pumped with his set, DVBBS took the stage. By this time the crowd was super excited and it felt like a full on EDM festival. DVBBS took the stage and lived up to their name!  DVBBS started off playing some of their best hits, Tsunami and some remixes that really got the crowd going. If you’ve heard Tsunami you can probably imagine how the crowd reacted. If you haven’t heard it check out the video below. Throughout their set they played some of their newer songs as well including their hit Not Going Home.

Overall the concert was amazing and I expect nothing less from DVBBS or Sofa King Friday! For more information on Sofa King Friday or to buy tickets to future shows, make sure to follow the site and their  Twitter account.

Nevin Spearman