When it comes to EDM, Europe takes the ranks and Gareth Emery is no different. The English DJ has ranked on the DJ Mag’s Top 50 DJs list from 2006 – 2013, peaking at #7. This year he has been up to his 100 Reasons to Live Tour. One of his stops was Boston, MA and of course he chose Royale as his venue. I was fortunate enough to score last minute tickets for my friends and myself. I myself am really obsessed with Gareth Emery. My favorite song being “Hands” and I am a constant listener to his Electric For Life Music Podcast which you can listen to on Soundcloud and Spotify. This concert was a larger than life version of the podcast and was something I will never forget.

Once we arrived at Royale we had our IDs ready to go and was greeted by the bouncers—who were really friendly and seemed as excited as we were to be out for the night. Once inside, as usual, the first thing I did was grab a drink and drop my coat off. Pro Tip: Bring a couple of dollars for coat check — also don’t forget to leave a tip! After getting settled we made our way to the dance area. Royale was decked out! Crowns and glow sticks everywhere to truly make you feel like Sofa King Royalty. The opening DJ was Louis Viviet and he was pretty amazing. I came in pretty sober but after a few drinks and a few tracks by the DJ I was ready to turn up. Also, one thing I really loved about him was his liking for Kaskade. I love Kaskade and anyone who can remix Kaskade has my attention. I really appreciated hearing Fire in Your New Shoes, it’s an old Kaskade favorite of mine.

After an hour of the opener, the club got packed and I knew soon Gareth Emery was about to arrive on stage. The lights dimmed, the screaming happened, and Gareth Emery appeared. He started off with some tracks that I haven’t heard but were pretty sick. Pro Tip: have Shazam handy you never know what songs are going to be dropped and you don’t want to be like me and forget. Anyway, the concert went on and it was amazing—pure ear candy. Eventually, I heard Hands and that made my night. Towards the end, the concert got pretty packed and it was really amazing to feel a sense of EDM community something you don’t really get at other clubs, but is a Royale constant. Overall I have to say I enjoyed myself and will definitely be back!

Gareth Emery Electric for Life Podcast for those interested

– Nevin Spearman