Being part of the Boston EDM team has many perks but my personal favorite is getting to sit down with the artists, especially when they are as nice and talented as our most recent guest, Matoma!  The Norwegian native sat down with myself (and better dancing half of Squadless, Meghan) to talk about his rise in fame, downtime, guilty pleasures and what we can expect in the future!

While our interview was post show and cut short due to club closing times, we were able to record what we could do in person and then finish the interview via e-mail!  Below are the E-mail and videos:

Video One:  Okay, lets start this thing!

(click link to see interview!)

Your first album has been out for almost a year now, how have things changed for you since the release? 

It’s amazing to think about how fast times go when you are super busy. I can’t believe it’s been one year! Things are pretty much the same, I’ve grown bigger as a Dj/artist and have been able to play some of my bucket-list festivals. Also I have had the opportunity to work with the nicest and most talented people in this industry and for that I’m very grateful and humbled. I love to travel and since last year I have also discovered new cultures and countries.

Are you currently planning or working on your next album? 

My album is still growing since it’s a dynamical album that continues to grow with my journey. I haven’t decided yet when I will close the album and wrap it up, but I think it will come naturally when that time is. But until then I am still working on music and planning to release more songs on the album “hakuna Matoma”

Who is someone (or group) that you want to involve on your next album and tour?

 I would love to try to make something with Will Smith, Bruno Mars, Magic and other incredible artist. My bucket list for collaborations and tour support is big names, but sometimes you need to aim big to accomplish success.

Who are you currently listening to? 

Listening to a lot of artist these days some of them are: Rick Ross, Nas, Mø, Seeb, Steve Void, Ty dolla $ign, notorious b.i.g, the chainsmokers, Skinny days, Klingande, frenship, B.o.B, Snoop Dogg, Warren G etc.

What is your favorite throwback song/artist/group?

The notorious B.I.G
Musical guilty pleasure?
Disney film music

Being from Norway, what influenced your sound in tropical house?  Did it just happen or were you trying for that sound? 
I listen to a lot of music that had a tropical, Iceland flavor to it. Thomas Jack, Oliver Nelson, Bakermat, Klingande etc. but also a lot of hip hop influenced music (especially old school hip hop as the notorious b.i.g, warren g, Nas, snoop Dogg, dr. Dre, xzibit etc.)

I read that you play the piano, how much does that help you while writing your music?
I feel it helps a lot due to the recording I do and that I like everything be recorded with a live feeling of it. I often doesn’t use quantities as a function because of the natural touch to the recordings I do and the sounds I use. It also helps me be quick producing and recording music.

Is your family musical? 
Both, some family members are musical and others not. My brother and uncle plays the drums and my mom plays the horns in the local orchestra from my birthplace for example.
Does being away from home for long periods of time effect what you write or do you try and pull from all influences?
 It’s hard being so much on the run and away from home but I try to see the good of it and whenever I am back home I really appreciate family and time with my friends so I don’t think it affects my music that much. But of course everything in life affects you, it’s just important to appreciate everything you have and don’t have. I am the luckiest guy on earth that can pursuit my dream and passion and at the same time be able to live the life I am living right now. This is thanks to my management and team and hopefully it will last. I am also forever grateful for my fans and supporters. Without them there would be no Matoma
Video Two: Okay, we can finish there!
You can see how much fun and how nice he is!  Totally looking forward to our next meet and interview at Electric Zoo!
…also was not expecting him to be so tall!…
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