His Legacy Live: Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero, one of my favorite Dutch DJs recently took the stage on Sofa King Friday. For those of you who don’t Nicky Romero. He is a pretty popular DJ focusing on EDM, electro-house, and progressive-house. He became popular with his hit “Toulouse” back in 2012.


This was his first song that got him mainstream success and recognition. After that, he had few more hits such as “Legacy” and “Like Home” which he collaborated with Krewella and Nervo. Besides rising to the top of the DJ ladder he also created Protocol Recordings. Which if you didn’t know, host a regular radio show that you can listen to on Spotify! If you want to learn more about Nicky Romero in more depth check out his wiki page.

So back to the review. My friends and I arrive at Royale pretty early. We were afraid of the lines being long so we wanted to get there a bit early. Pro Tip: Anytime the tickets make it to a large General Admission such as GA 3+, try to arrive early this will help you get in faster and also make sure you can secure a spot at the front of the stage where all the action happens! So once we got inside we went straight to the bar. For career Royale clubgoers you know that there are three different bars located West/East/South of the stage! For newbies, I would recommend glancing over at each. Usually, the west and east bars are a little less busy. Once we got our drinks we headed straight to the stage and danced around to secure our spots. I wanted to see Nicky Romero live and feel the bass during his set. The best place for this is in the center front.

Eventually, the opener left the stage and Nicky Romero got onstage. Screams and cheering everywhere. It was about to get real. Throughout his set, he played a lot of his own songs. For his fans this was amazing. I really appreciated how he didn’t play a lot of  Top 40 remixes but played a lot of his own songs. The three I remember the most were Lighthouse, Legacy, and Like Home. Of course, everyone sang along throughout the show. It kind of felt as if the crowd got smaller (not actually) but through his set I felt as if we were all connected. His set was just that good! I think it also has to do with his lyrics. They aren’t just party and dance lyrics but they go deeper than that.

Towards the end, there were some cool effects and Nicky Romero played some throwback songs to calm the crowd and ease everyone into going home. Overall, this was an amazing show! Make sure you check out Jauz next week if you missed Nicky Romero. As usual, it will be a show you don’t want to miss!

– Nevin S.