Bamboora Drops Beats in Boston August 21

Started from Turkey, now we here.

Hardcore Boston EDM fans might know Bamboora as the city’s best DJ of 2014 – he has an award that says so – but for everyone else, our interview should shed some light on the up-and-coming DJ. In Boston EDM’s exclusive interview, Bamboora dished on his famous collabs, his new track “Shinobi,” and, of course, his favorite summer drinks.


Q: How do you manage your time when you’re playing more than 100 shows a year?
A: I never think about the total amount to be honest. I am always playing, making or looking for new music, so living my life with my daily routine is in sync with playing shows on the regular. The most important thing to balance is the time I devote to music and my family.

Q: What can you tell us about your new tune “Shinobi?”
A: Shinobi is one of many tracks I am planning to release on the remaining half of 2015. I have always been a fan of hard-hitting, big sounding tunes and I have been trying to make some of my own. Shinobi is a current reflection of where I am at with my production.

Q: Think quick: describe your music in one word.
A: Fun.

Q: In your online bio, you talk about valuing music as much as life itself. At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to be a DJ?
A: I did not know till people gave me the title of it. I have been collecting and mixing music since my early teens but it was not for the chase of a DJ career. It just has been my biggest hobby, and in a crazy twisted journey, eventually became my career.

Q: What can fans expect from you on tour?
A: Fans can expect the unexpected. Depending on the venue I am playing at, the time slot, and the order, I like to switch things up in my sets. I don’t like playing the same songs night in, night out. There is so much good music coming out on a daily basis. I try to incorporate as much new and unheard alongside crowd favorites to create my unique sets.

Q: You’ve played with a lot of huge names in EDM, like Calvin Harris, Tiesto, and Avicii. Who’s next?
A: I am playing with Dyro on Friday (August 7).

Q: Which artists are on your summer playlist?
A: A lot of Don Diablo, CID Music, and Kryder.

Q: What’s your go-to summer drink?
A: I enjoy G&Ts year around!

You can purchase tickets to see Bamboora aboard the Deep Sea Boat Cruise HERE.

You can purchase tickets to see Bamboora at Royale on August 21 HERE.