SoFa King Fridays at Royale in Boston are always amazing, but Friday May 6th was one for the books! Borgeous came to town and completely owned the night! If you follow him on Snap chat, you would have seen his posts walking about Boston earlier in the day, basically enticing you to play his ‘Where is Borgeous’ scavenger hunt. Not going to lie… Hook, line and sinker he had me feeling like i needed to play…but of course I was working, day dreaming about how great the evening was going to be!

When I finally got to Royale with my usual squad, we made our way to our usual spot and then to bar to greet the bartenders and get a round while Bamboora (a fantastic local dj who is doing big things) got the crowd ready for the night. Dancing around Roayle you always meet new people and that is one of the many reasons I love attending SoFa King Friday’s there! After about an hour and a half of pre-borgeous rage, it was finally time to see him preform!

His set started and everyone went crazy! One of his first songs of the evening was the crowd favorite TSUNAMI. Of course the dance party continued and towards the middle of his set he started throwing in some throwback jams, including classics like Teen Spirit by Nirvana and some Red Hot Chili Peppers! With his remixes of classic songs he reminded me that he grew up just like the rest of us (well those of you in my generation). I’m sure long ago he was also recording songs off the radio on to his cassette player and rewinding them over and over again to hear his favorite songs.

Also dont forget, Borgeous has a new album out this year titled ’13’. its killer so don’t forget to purchase it!

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Lee-Anna ‘Elle Aye’ Winhoffer