Listen Up For Speaker of the House

When the speaker in a meeting has the floor, you had better listen. But when Speaker of the House is the DJ, you had better dance.

speaker of the house


Speaker of the House visits Prime Boston this Saturday, July 25, to command synth-y beats and and Boston EDM junkies alike. ┬áThe American DJ has been sharpening his spinning skills since 2012, and with rewarding results – in a matter of a few weeks, his remixes of Jason Derulo’s “Want To Want Me” and Dada Life’s “One Last Night On Earth” hit one million listens each – quite the feat for anyone, even counting household DJ names like Calvin Harris or David Guetta.

His other popular remixes range from the bass-y, supersonic “Good Intentions” remix (originally by The Chainsmokers), and the surprisingly laid-back intergalactic remix of Ed Sheeran’s “Drunk.”

Obey the dance commander that is Speaker of the House this Saturday at Prime Boston as a part of Deeper nights.