The NoXcuses Gang Owns Sofa King Friday

Last Friday my friends and I got ready and headed out to our favorite Friday party at Royale. We made sure to get there early since there were four DJ sets to see, and being the EDM nerd I am I wanted to see them all! Once we got insisde Antonio Giacca was playing. He played a nice mix of house and even added some remix of some 90s songs giving them a nice modern house twist. Being a big fan it was pretty awesome seeing him live. My friend really loved him too. By the time his set was almost over the dance floor was pretty crowded. So we tried to squeeze are way to the center so we could be in the right place for EDX.

After Antonio Giacca, Nora En Pure took the stage for her set. She did a nice house set, but even though she was house just like Antonio she added her own twist to it. The crowd got really pumped! EDX made an appearance towards the end of her set, and eventually took the stage. Wow is all I can say. The crowd’s vibe intensified and he started his set. He played a nice mix of some of his chill songs and even a few remixes such as Intoxicated by Martin Solveig. The lights were creating cool effects and everyone seemed to be transported into house bliss.

Eventually it was his turn to end, and Croatia Squad took the stage. Once again another great house set. The NoXcuses takeover was over, a night I will never forget! For more information on EDX and to hear his latest check out his SoundCloud below.


-Nevin Spearman