Review: Borgeous Takes Over Sofa King Fridays

Last Friday, one of my favorite DJs, Borgeous took over Sofa King Fridays. First, I must say I waited weeks for this show and being a soldier in the Borgeous Army I had to get there early. My friends and I arrived at Royale around 10:30pm and made our way into the club.

The resident DJ was pretty good and got the crowd revved up. No matter where in the club you were standing you could feel the energy. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood and ready to party. A few minutes after we got to the front of the stage. Borgeous was a making his way to start DJing. As he made his way up to the stage the crowd was cheering and extremely excited. The energy went from high to heaven-high in a matter of seconds. The Borgeous Army was there and ready to rage.

Borgeous commanded the stage and performed some major hits. One of his top hits and my personal favorite ‘Invincible’ really got the crowd pumped and everyone started to sing along and jump to the beat. Every song he played had the crowd dancing and screaming. I think the best part of the show was the champagne shower. Something I would never expect, but I guess at Sofa King Fridays anything is possible.


Beyond Borgeous being amazing. The club itself was pretty comfortable. While dancing there was a nice cool breeze from the AC and when we got tired from dancing there was plenty of seating. The bar was also on point as usual and with more than one bar to choose from it is easy to get a drink fast. Royale and Sofa King Fridays will continue next week with Zaxx.

-Nevin Spearman