During the last Sofa King Friday of November Dash Berlin took the stage, well honestly he commanded the stage. My friends and I arrived at Royale a lot earlier than usual because we decided to cab so the line wasn’t long in the beginning. Once we got inside there was an opening DJ who actually had a unique sound kind of like a progressive house sound; it was different and actually pretty good. As usual though I am impatiently waiting for the headliner to come out. This time I made sure to make my way to main stage so I could see Dash Berlin and also feel the music by being so close to the speakers.

By the time Dash Berlin got to the stage the crowd multiplied it was crowded, but it wasn’t annoying. Everyone seemed to be excited and there were good vibes everywhere. Everyone seemed to just want to dance and enjoy the concert. A feeling you don’t get at most clubs in Boston, but at Royale I have always felt this atmosphere.

Before Dash Berlin started his music, he played a really cool video introduction that was different, but I liked how it was unique and included a special message for Boston fans instead of being a generic introduction. Once he took the stage everyone started screaming and the music started blasting. I think this time I probably aided in the screaming because my vocal cords were basically gone the next morning, but when the hype is there you got to join in.

Dash Berlin played some of his main hits, but what was really special was his remix of Adele’s Hello. (If you missed the show check it out below) It was pretty good. Additionally, the main reason why I love Dash Berlin so much is his sound. It reminds me of the Eurodance stuff I used to listen to but evolved. His set has a very modern EDM sound, but also incorporates a little Eurodance as well. Towards the end of the show the crowd was still going. As usual logistics were good the bartenders were really friendly and the bouncers were pretty chill as well.


Next week at Royale will be Dirty South. Make sure to go here to purchase your advanced tickets!