Sofa King Friday Gets Romantic: Matthew Koma Review Pt.2

This past Friday a few of my friends and I ventured out to Royale for Sofa King Friday. We got there a little earlier than usual and the line was moving pretty fast. Eventually, we got in a dropped our coats off  headed to the bar. Pro Tip: There are three bars at Royale one west, east, and south of the DJ area.  Having three bars to choose from can come in handy especially since they are located in the perfect locations, so you don’t have to miss a lot of the show trying to get a drink. The opener for the night was Joe Bermudez. He played a good set that was pretty chill but also had its moments of pure dance.
Eventually, as I always do I got towards the center of the stage to make sure I would be in the right place. Matthew Koma took the stage. Before going to show I kind of really never heard any of his Dj sets. I’ve only come across his vocals in songs by others DJs such as Wasted by Tiesto. So I didn’t know what to expect. In the beginning, he played some really good EDM hits and even some of his own stuff that he is featured on like Wasted and Dare You.


Something about Matthew Koma I really appreciated was the mix. He played a lot of dance hits, but even mixed in some dubstep something I don’t get to hear a lot. Towards the end of the show, he stepped out and starting singing on the mic. It was pretty cool. My best friend is a major fan  and that made his night.Overall the set was pretty amazing. Matthew Koma is a pretty dynamic DJ and it was nice going out and getting a great mix of music. If you missed the show check out his Soundcloud below!

— Nevin Spearman