Spinnin’ Deep With CamelPhat

People haven’t been tossing the word “phat” around for years now, and for good reason – it’s a unabashedly dated buzzword from the early 2000s. CamelPhat, however, might be good enough reason to ┬ábring it back, and then some.



CamelPhat stops by Prime this Saturday, July 18, for a “Deeper” night of EDM glory. While the group remains somewhat enigmatic (we dare you to find info about either of the DJs online), their April 2015 mixtape tells you everything you need to know about them. Ranging from Prince-like R&B beats to modern high-strung techno, the hour-long mixtape is a chameleon of house music styles that you can expect to hear at their live set in Boston this Saturday.

From Clean Bandit remixes, to Janet Jackson “Re-Up” throwbacks, expect a hearty variety of EDM at Prime this Saturday from “2 Domestic Camels.”