An exclusive interview with Boston’s very own DJ Breeazy


Q: Hello DJ Breeazy, thank you very much for putting aside time for this. First, just want to know how did you get into DJing?
A: Growing up I had always really been into music. During college in Vermont I met a few of the local DJs around my campus and started going to their shows and eventually became friends with them. I started to learn what it took so when I returned to Boston after school I went out and bought a pair of Technics and a Vestax mixer and pretty much started practicing every day until I eventually felt confident enough to play out.
Q: Did you always want to DJ as a profession or did you have other aspirations as a child?
A: Growing up I always respected DJs and their craft. It wasn’t until high school and college that I really started thinking about it. I was always shy as a kid so I wasn’t sure how I would handle being in the spotlight, but once I started I couldn’t stop.
Q: Why did you choose the name “Breeazy”? 
A: It was actually a combination of 2 names. One group of my friends used to always call me B. Easy and another few friends used to call me Breezy, so I just sort of combined them to get Breeazy (hence the spelling) – Once I did it, it kind of just stuck.
Q: Who were or are your biggest influences as a DJ to your style of DJing? How would you describe your style of Djing?
A: There are honestly too many to name. I was really into hip hop when I was growing up so a lot of the DJs like Cut Chemist, DJ Babu, Mixmaster Mike, DJ AM, DJ Premier just to name a few were kind of people I always looked up to and enjoyed listening to. Now a days I kind of look at people like A-Trak, Vice, DJ Scene just based on how versatile they are and how they can pretty much walk into any club and just kill it.
As far as my style – I wouldn’t really say I have a specific style per say. The way the local scene is you need to be adaptable so that’s pretty much what I focus on. One night I could be playing a huge room like Royale playing nothing but electronic music, the next night I could be playing a mostly hip hop oriented set. I strive on just being able to do it all so I would say that’s my style. The adaptive style ha.
Q: I know you’re a local DJ from Boston. Tell us what you love about Boston and why its such a great city?
A: I have lived here my whole life so like anyone you might ask, it’s just my home. It’s where my roots are and where I feel most comfortable. I have met a lot of great people which is one of the main reasons I love it here. Despite being small you can always find something to do. It’s just a great place with great people.


Q: What is the edm scene like in Boston and how is it evolving?
A: The EDM scene in Boston kind of fluctuates. What really helped the advancement in this market was when Evolution 101.7 hit the scene 2 or so years ago, which I was lucky enough to have a weekly show on. That kind of brought the music to people who were more casual or not even really fans of electronic music at all. Big club shows were always selling out and people were able to hear the new music quickly and without having to take time out of their day to go searching on the internet. Electronic music is also evolving itself as different genres are becoming more popular like deep and future sounds. Its certainly something that will have its ups and downs (just as all styles of music does) but I think if good music is being made DJs like me will want to continue exposing people to it.
Q: What is the best part of life as a DJ?
A: The best part of my DJ life is knowing I found a true passion of mine and I just love being able to go out there and fulfill it on a weekly basis. Controlling an entire room and being a big reason of whether or not they have a great night or not is a feeling not many people get to experience.
Q: Who would you love to DJ with in a tandem set?
A: Probably someone like Diplo just because people go bonkers at his shows and I think it would be a lot of fun.
Q: What has been your best show?
A: The best show I have ever had was opening the Main Stage of the 2014 EDC Mexico City festival.  It as the first time EDC was in Mexico City and the people were so excited so the crowd was amazing and it was a feeling I could never really put into words.
Q:.What is your favorite venue to live DJ at and why? 
A: Royale for sure. There is no biggest venue in Boston and the crowd there is always super fun. I have been there for 5 years and have played with so many of the world’s biggest Djs and producers that I couldn’t imagine any place being better after Ive had so many amazing memories.
Q: Have you looked into producing original tracks of your own?
A: I have and it’s something people are constantly inquiring about – who knows maybe something is in the works right now.
That’s right folks you don’t want to miss out on this in the future. You also don’t want to miss out on DJ Breeazy live at Royale for Sofa Kings Fridays on August 14th. Who knows, he may give us a couple surprises of his own.
-Harshit Harpaldas


You can purchase tickets to see Breeazy at Royale on August 21 HERE.